Experiences from the Other Side seem to affect us all differently – the staff at Häringe can testify to that. Late at night, even the staunchest skeptics may receive unexpected visits, while others wander through dark halls and forgotten corridors without seeing or hearing anything. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that you will encounter ghosts at the castle, but we promise to create the conditions.

Häringe Castle has a history that spans over 1000 years. Be careful where you step in the underground passage. Feel for secret compartments in the wall paneling. Here, you get the chance to listen, feel, and experience, catching a glimpse of the castle's innermost secrets.

The last baron of Häringe takes you on an evening walk, through the park and buildings, with tales of grand times and hidden tragedies. Gossip whispered in nooks and crannies is revealed, where the living and the dead collaborate to preserve the castle's memories.

During the castle dinner, testimonies from past and present are shared, about different experiences… supernatural? Or is it the other way around? When darkness and silence settle over the castle, perhaps the presence of past souls is the most natural thing of all?

DATE Friday, November 3 - FULLY BOOKED



Drink with snacks in the Grand Hall, at 6:00 PM

  • Three-course dinner with ghost stories

  • Ghost tour – explore Häringe's eerie history

  • Overnight stay

  • Castle breakfast"


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The evening begins with a pre-dinner drink at 6:00 PM in the GRand Hall. Please bring a jacket and outdoor shoes for the ghost tour, as we will venture out into the eerie autumn evening. During dinner and the gathering in Stensalen, there will be an event seating arrangement, which means that you may be seated at the same table as other parties.

Ej lämpligt för barn under 13 år.

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