ANTHONY CHARLES HEADS, Mentalist & Paranormal Illusionist, is back at Häringe Slott with a new brilliant and challenging show - 'Project: Mind Control.'

Since the 1940s, the CIA has conducted top-secret research on subjects bordering on the paranormal, such as telepathy, clairvoyance, ESP, hypnosis, and brainwashing. Their astonishing results have impacted everything from the advertising industry to the military on a global scale, and the traces and methods of these projects are still hidden in our everyday lives today.

But now, for the first time on stage, Mentalist ANTHONY CHARLES HEADS will reveal these secret projects and recreate certain experiments before a live audience in a unique and bewildering Mentalism show. 'Project: Mind Control' hovers between science and psychological illusion as Anthony plays with your thoughts and worldview.

Will he succeed in controlling the entire audience, or can you resist? And how will the experiments conclude? If you want to discover what the mind can achieve and how it can be influenced, don't forget to make a mental note to see 'Project: Mind Control.


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The show is approximately 90-100 minutes in one act. The package includes a pre-show drink, the performance, a three-course dinner, overnight stay, and castle breakfast.

Welcome drink in Kreuger at 6:00 PM The show starts at 6:30 PM Dinner is served in the castle at 8:00 PM

Age limit: 15 years. Dogs are not allowed at the performance.