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Local. Seasonal. Fresh.

We have a fabulous herb garden, an apple orchard that produces liters and liters of cider and forests full of mushrooms. We can practically hear the fish splashing about in the sea and come autumn, we get very excited for game deliveries from close-by. So it’s only natural for us to embrace the Slow Food philosophy, making the best use of the freshest ingredients available. Accompanied by the right wines, of course.

In true Scandinavian Slow Food spirit, kids get a proper seat at the table. With the same food and tableware as grown-ups, just a bit smaller. And dogs are just as much part of the family, so the well-behaved and well-groomed get to join in on the fun.


The food is so much better with a delicious wine or a good beer. Our sommeliers are experts in pairing the right drink with our different dishes.