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In the 90's Spessi set out on a quest to photograph all the gas stations on his native island Iceland, there are around 100. The tour resulted in the exhibit Bensìn, a contemporary portrait of the nation.
The Bensìn exhibit came to Stockholm and The (old) Lydmar Hotel that once belonged to c/o Hotels. We keep two of our favorite photos from the exhibit. One is at the Palace and one is at c/o The Maidstone.
Born 1956
Nationality Icelandic
Studio Reykavik
Favorite motive Gas stations
Speciality Multiexposing
Real name Sigurtór Hallbjörnsson
Reykavik Arts Festival Reykavik
Isafjord Art Museum Isafjord
Gallery Vartai Villnius
Hafnarborh Art Museum Hafnarfjordur
Base Nordatlantens Brygge Copenhagen
BASE Reykavik
Heroes Nordic House Faroe Islands
Roebling Hall New York
The Lydmar Stockholm
Reykavik Art Museum Reykavik