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Richard Heeps

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British photographer calls him self color-photographer. A titel that first might strike you as a bit odd, but after looking at his photos it all make sense. They are truly colorful. Adding to that it takes great technological knowledge to acheive the same color intensity with digital cameras as you get with analogue cameras, it makes even more sense.


In his series Man's Ruin, Richard Heeps has been photographing Americana in the UK and USA for over 10 years. His images capture people and places in contemporary scenes inspired by the 1940s and 1950s and they pay tribute to mid-century modern life, as it is lived today.


At the Palace we have three photos from Man's Ruin.

Richard Heeps
Born 1965
Nationality British
Studio Cambridge
Favorite motive Americana
Speciality Color
The Photographers Lounge England