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Martin Richardson

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Martin Richardson is a pioneer in holographic and 3-D images. His Marilyn Monroe holograph is greeting our guests in the palace entrance.
Martin Richardson was the first person in the world to be awarded a Masters of Arts in holographic art by tThe Royal Collage of art in London. He is now a professor at De Montfort University, England. Martin remains a major innovator in lenticular prints.


Aftera  chance meeting with David Bowie in 1999, Bowie commissioned Richardson to do a holographic cover for the album Hours. That was a big breakthrough for the photographer.


Today Richarson is both an artist and a reseracher. He has published numerous books on hologram and 3D imaging. He has recieved several prestigious awards for his work both as an artist and a researcher.





Martin Richardsson
Born 1958
Nationality British
Studio De Montfort University
Speciality Hologram & 3D
Arts Council of Great Britain Cheltenham
Kunst und Design Halle Germany
Britannia Row Gallery London
MIT Boston
Tokyo Shimbun Japan
The Oxo Tower London