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Kourtney Roy

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Canadian Kourtney Roys self-portraits brighten up the otherwise gloomy Lower Gothic Room at our Palace.
After she graduated from Emily Carr University of Art & Design in Vancouver in 2004 Kourtney immediately moved to Paris to pursue a career as a photographer. She tought herself french and got to work. A few years later she has become one of the more promising fashion photographers of her generation.


Her art photography is even more exciting. Her self-portraits look like film stills, and you are drawn to the stories they tell. Colorful and stylish kitsch has become her signature. 




Kourtney Roy
Born 1981
Nationality Canadian
Studio Paris
Favorite motive Models
Speciality Self-portraits
Trademark Kitsch
Favorite Films
Written on the Wind Douglas Sirk
Imitation of LIfe Douglas Sirk
Don't Look Now Nicolas Roeg
All films by Hitchcock