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John Baldessari

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John Baldessari is both a fine art photographer and a university professor, with long and successful careers in both fields.
It is difficult to breifly describe an artist who has been active since the 1960's. To describe his art Jonh Says: " I will not make any boring art."



John Baldessari is a true renaissance artist. He paints, photografs, sculpts, writes, sketches usually he will use several techniques in his art pieces.   


In 2007 his piece  Quality Material (1966–1968) ws sold for 4 408 000 USD at Christies in New York. 


We have three of his smaller photographs in the palace entrance; an apple, a chip and an orange. 

John Baldessari
Born 1931
Nationality American
Studio Santa Monica, CA
Speciality Mixed media
Signature Colorful
Represented MoMa
Guggenheim, NY
Samlare/fans Cindy Sherman
David Salle
Barbara Kreuger
Solo exhibits Over 200
Group exhibits Over 300
Artistic Awards 28
Honorary doctor degrees 3