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Jacob Felländer

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Swedish Jacob Felländer is our favourite fine art photographer. We have several of his photo art pieces in our collection and we are always wanting more...
Jacob Felländer grew up in a large family in Danderyd, just outside Stockholm. For a long time it looked like he would become a very successeful golf pro. His talent earned him scholarships to both Flagler College i St. Augustine, Florida and to San Diego State University where he studied fine art photography and graphic design. His interest in fine art photography just grew and grew and by the time Jacob graduated he had decided to end his golfing career and instead aim to become a great fine art photographer. 


Jacob is mostly famous for his grand scale, multi exposed landscape photographs with motives from around the world. jacob works with old school analogue cameras that he has meddled with to let in a little bit of light and so tha the is able to get several exposures on the same frame, in a very specific way that has become his trademark. His photos are not digitally altered ever, they are created with his special technique. 


For one of his latest projects he traveled on lap around the globe with stops in some of the worlds largest cities. He traveled with 36 cameras. Thge journey took 10 days and resulted in a grand solo exhibit at Fotografiska (museum of fine art phootgraphy) in Stockholm. 


Today Jacob is considered on of Sweden's top photographers. He has many prominent fans around the world, including Bill Clinton. Jacob is married to Swedish actress Eva Röse, they have three children. The couple have lent us Albert Watson's portraits of Eva which you can admire in at the palace. 




Jacob Felländer
Born 1974
Nationality Swedish
Studio Stockholm
Favorite motive Landscape
Speciality Multiexposing
Trademark Colorful
Muse Eva Röse
Represented Fotografiska
Collectors/fans Bill Clinton
Elton John
Nina Persson
Jenny Ljungberg
Fun fact Ex golf pro
Hamilton Gallery London 2013
Fotografiska, Galleriet 2013
Grythyttans Gästgivaregård 2013
Konstakademin 2012
Lars Bohman 2012
Fotografiska 2011
Visby, Almedalsveckan 2011
c/o Häringe Slott 2010/11
c/o The Maidstone 2010/12
Raoul Wallenbergs torg 2010
Skanör Stadshus 2009
Galleri Aronowitsch 2008