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Hiroshi Sugimoto

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Hiroshi Sugimoto is one of the worlds top fine arts photographers. We have pieces from both his Seascape series and 1000 Buddhas.
Sugimoto is probably most famous for his ongoing seris Seascapes that he began working with in 1980. It is a seris of images where seas, oceans, fjords and canal meet the horizon form all around the world. The photos all have the exact same format and are split in half by the horizons. Though it might seem the same at first glanze, the variations are endless.



The 1000 Buddhas are photographed in the Sanjusangen-do (Hall of Thirty-Three Bays) in Kyoto. They are life size wooden bodhisattvas (enlightened beeings) from the 12th and 13th centuries that reside in the building.



Sugimoto is also an accomplshed, yet unlicened, architect. An official license would have taken years to get, so Sugimoto solved it by hiring three young qualified architects that help him execute his visions. He has built many things from restaurants, design museums to shrines. 




Hiroshi Sugimoto
Born 1948
Nationality Japanese
Studio Tokyo/New York
Favorite motive Seascapes
Trademark Black & White
Solo Exhibits
The J. Paul Getty Museum L.A
Xue Xue White Taipei
Leeum Samsung Seoul
Museum of Art Fondation Paris
Bergé Yve Saint Laurent Museum Brandhorst Munich
Gallery Koyanagi Tokyo
The Pace Gallery New York
Arthur M. Sackler Gallery Washington DC