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Hans Hammarskiöld

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Quite the early bloomer, Hammarskiöld started his career in the 1940's, when clicking away on his dad’s Leica camera.
His breakthrough came a decade later, during his stint at the British Vogue in London. Living in London gave him the opportunity to roam in a city which was still marked by the Second World War, which he carefully depicted in his' London portfolio’, including many of the images he has become best known for. We’re proud to have ‘Trafalgar Square’ in our permanent collection, which was taken during this time.  


The Stockholm born photographer was active in most genres but was especially noted for his cunning portraits of entrepreneurs, royals, actors and fellow artists. What set him apart most, was perhaps his genuine interest in personalities, which he clearly relayed on his images.


Hammarskiöld’s potfolio is vast, as he never shied away from any project nor motive, be it fashion, architecture, nature, commercial ads or book covers. He used to say that he always learned something on every sort of job, which is why he sought the challenge.


An old-school photographer, Hammarskiöld preferred developing his pictures according to analog methods in his dark room. His negatives were a gold mine which he constantly returned to, where he often found good pictures that he had overseen in the past. He blamed it on his eyes, which needed to grow up in order to appreciate the beauty of some of his shots!


The phographer passed away in 2012, after a short period of illness.

Hans Hammarskiöld
Born 1925
Nationality Swedish
Gang Tio Fotografer
Speciality Portraits
Best motive Family
Best place Dark room
Best friend Irving Penn
Represented National Swedish Portrait Gallery
H. Cartier-Bresson Photographer
Irving Penn Photographer
Bill Brandt Photojournalist
Richard Avedon Photographer