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Franck Bohbot

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Franck Bohbot immortalizes swimming pools, basketball courts, libraries, theaters, movie theaters, train stations, fairs… 


Franck Bohbot began his career as a set photographer. Since 2008, the artist has dedicated his artistic research to urban landscapes. Bohbot is particularly interested in relationships between individuals and architecture and he loves photographing public areas bare of any human presence.


In 2011 Franck Bohbot photographed the Théâtre du Châtelet and the Sainte Geneviève library. Situated in Paris, at the square with the same name, and built at the request of Baron Haussmann, the theatre was opened in 1862. There is no audience. It is unknown whether the show has just ended or if the artists will, to the contrary, go on stage soon.


The Sainte Geneviève library is housed in a building which was constructed in 1851 by the architect Henri Labrouste. The reading room on the first stage is made up of a large hall, divided into two aisles by a central colonnade which supports two semicircular arc vaults. Perfectly symmetrical, the library takes on the aspect of a sacred monument dedicated to culture.




Frank Bohbot
Born 1980
Nationality French
Studio & home Brooklyn
Favorite motive Architecture
Speciality Frontal exposure
Trademark Symmetry
Partners Musée du Louvre
Universal Music
Paris Saint Germain
Hobby Drummer
Int'l Photo Award 2013
Gold Camera 2013
Urban Photo Contest 2012
Strasbourg photo festival 2011