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Formento + Formento

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"BJ Formento is the light. Richell Formento is the pigment." That is how this wife-husband team describe the division of labor in their work relationship.
BJ was born in Hawaii, grew up in the Phillipines, graduated from Academy of Arts in California, moved to New York in 2005 and has stayed somewhat put since then.


Richeille and BJ met on set in 2005, got married three months later. BJ had worked for Richard avedon, Mary Ellen Mark and Annie Leibivitz. Richeille worked as an art director and designer in the fashion industry. After doing numerous commercial photo shoots together they decided to focus on their fine art photographic journey.


In 2009 they packed up their New York home and three cats, moved into a 27-foot silver air stream trailer and left the city. The goal was to document the sentiments in a post recession USA. 25 states in 5 months, 50 photographs was their goal but the project grew along to become more than that.


The project Circumstance, American Beauty on Bruised Knees, explores the despair of a recession, and keeping it on a modest budget, the Formentos did everything themselves. The women in the photos are all women they met on their travels. 


We have a piece from Circumstance in our collection.

Formento + Formento
Nationality American/British
Studio America
Favorite motive Abandoned places
Speciality DYI
Trademark Deserted places
Muse Formento
Abandoned Circumstance Locations
Roller Coaster
Gas Station
Train bridge
Fair Ground
Train bridge
Phone Booth
Bus station