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Felix Oppenheim

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Felix Oppenheim is a true adventure photographer. Felix and his friend Felix St.Clair-Renard invented a new profession in the 70's, the ski-photographer. They were both ground breaking in their field that could be called photography of adventures in wild nature.


Brought up in a family that traveled whenever they got a chance, Felix fell in love with traveling the world. So he found a profession that would keep him on the road to new adventures most of the time. During his travels he shoots landscapes and people, often in remote places.


The photos we have at both the Palace and at c/o The Maidstone is from a series of powerful portraits from around the world. The Greek man under his olive tree, the goat hunter from Pakistan, the Dubai woman and many more.




Felix Oppenheim
Born 50's
Nationality Swedish
Studio The World
Favorite motive Action
Speciality Adventures
Tema Resor
Tetra Pak
Creative Search
Sport Resor