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Emmanuel Georges

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Emmanuel Georges has found a way to combine his love for American cars with the art of photography. 
Emmanuel Georges is a graphic designer and photographer living in Strasbourg. He observes the surrounding landscape and world around him. He has a realist and frontal approach to photography. Between documentary research and intimate testimony, he photographs miniature cars for the "Automology" series and magnifies them through enlargement and his method of staging.


Since 1989, Emmanuel Georges has dedicated a series to abandoned American cars in the USA (‘American Lost Cars’). He continued his work focusing on American cars with ‘Cadillac – Habana’ in 1999. However, for the ‘Automology’ series which is still being developed, the photographer’s interest lies in miniature cars from his childhood. The artist talks about nostalgia and the symbolic value given to an everyday object. 


Emmanuel Georges positions these objects on black backgrounds. This staging is reminiscent of showcases in natural history museums or Renaissance cabinets of curiosity. The title of the series ‘Automology’ is a play on words with the term ‘entomology.’ 


Emmanuel Georges transcends the depiction of the small cars from his childhood and elevates these everyday objects to the rank of works of art. The museum staging enhances the relic and the plastic depiction borders upon abstraction. Beyond the aesthetic reasoning, it is also the photographer as a little boy who talks to us. He nostalgically evokes souvenirs common to us all and the poetry of the patina of age



Emmanuel Georges
Nationality French
Studio Strasbourg
Favorite motive Miniature cars
Muse American cars
Speciality Staging & elevating
Hobby Graphic design
Car models
Rolls Royce
Buick Roadmaster
Talbot Lago
Alpine Renault