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David Gamble

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Perhaps the only photographer who has ever said no to the ‘Iron Lady’, Margaret Thatcher.
David Gamble is a photographer and painter of international acclaim and the winner of numerous prestigious awards such as the Grand Prix European Award for Best Photographer (1987). His portrait of Stephen Hawking for Time-Life, which was later used as the cover of Hawking’s crucial book ‘A Brief History of Time’, awarded Gamble the World Press Award (1988) and The American Photography Award (1989). 



David’s important and revealing images shot in Andy Warhol’s Upper East Side apartment, right after the artist’s death in 1987, were showcased at c/o The Maidstone during 2011 and are now on display at c/o Häringe Palace.



The exhibit lets the viewer into Warhol’s personal sanctum – perhaps the only place, if such ever existed, where the self-proclaimed icon was forced to face his own humanity. Sotheby's had allowed Gamble to roam the apartment during eight days, to take photographs for a Sunday supplement to publicize their auction of Warhol’s collection of paintings, furniture, jewelry and other artefacts. The image that most outraged the auctioneers and the guardians of the Warhol Foundation was a shot of the inside of Warhol's medicine cabinet, which resembled a drug store. David Gamble had more fun with some of the other images, on which he superimposed a silk-screen spectra of Warhol to make his living spaces look haunted.

David Gamble
Born 1953
Nationality British
Homes East Hampton
New Orleans
Speciality People in locations
Magazines Life
New Yorker
Side jobs Painter
Space talkshow host
Portrait Portfolio
Andy Warhol Artist
Bob Geldof Singer & Activist
Meat Loaf Musician
Boy George Popstar
Robert Altman Director
Zaha Hadid Architect
M.Thatcher Ex-Prime Minister