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Albert Watson

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Albert Watson almost does not need an introduction after being named one of the 20 most influential photographers of all time by Photo District News.
Albert Watson photographed his first celebrity, Alfred Hitchcock, in 1973 for Harper Bazaar's Christmas issue. The image of famous director holding a dead goose with a ribbon around his neck was the first of hundreds of iconic photos of celeberties to come. Movie stars, rock stars, rappers, super models, presidents and even a queen has now been imortalized by mr Watson.


Albert Watson has also photographed hundereds of succesfull ad campaigns for the worlds most prestigous brands, directed over 500 commercials and created photographs for movie posters.


It is a great honor to have the portraits he has shoot of Swedish actor Eva Röse on the Palace walls.

Albert Watson
Born 1942
Nationality Scottish
Studio New York
Favorite motive Celeberties
Speciality Portraits
Trademark Iconic photos
Vouge covers over 200
Rolling Stone covers 40
Odd fact Blind on 1 eye since birth
Solo Exhibits
Fotografiska Stockholm
KunstHausWien Vienna
Museum of Modern Art Milan
City Art Center Edinburgh
FotoMuseum Antwerp
NWR Forum Dusseldorf