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Alain Buu

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Alain Buu was born in Paris and spent his childhood both Vietnam and France. In 1989 he joined the prestigious French photo agency Gamma. With them he covered the world news for over 15 years, and being an adventurer he traveled to many remote parts of the world.
Today he works as a freelancer and it was as a free lancer he returned to Afghanistan to follow in the footsteps of Joseph Kessel who wrote the novel “Les Cavalier” (The Horsemen). In his series he follow the horsemen of today in Afghanistan, the Afghan tribes-men and their sport Buzkashi. It is a Central Asian sport where horse-mounted players drag a goat carcass towards a goal. Traditionally a game could last for days, but time limits have lately been introduced.



After 9/11 Alain Buu wanted to portray a different side of the war torn people of Afghanistan, he chose to do so by photographing the Buzkashi players and their life-partners; their horses. 

Alain Buu
Born 1960
Nationality French
Studio On the go
Favorite motive World News
Speciality Adventure
Represented Gamma
World News Covered
Tahir Square Egypt
War Chad
One Child Policy China
War over Water Africa
Holy Fishing Mali
Tora Bora Afghanistan
Second Infintada Palestine/Israel