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Häringe Palace has always been a hub for parties, glitz and glamour. The most infamous palace party was hosted by Torsten Kreuger back in the day, with cocktail waitresses wearing nothing but masks. During the 1930's, many a cocktail hour with the Wenner-Grens turned into a soaring soiree when Greta Garbo, Zarah Leander and Josephine Baker were visiting.

For a party in true Kreuger fashion, you may want to have the palace to yourself. And the pool, the terrace, the rotunda and the orangerie. In fact, you can borrow the entire property for your party, if you desire the exclusivity.


If you are planning a more intimate get-together, your options are endless: indoors or outdoors, in the company of ghosts or not, with a discreet butler or rather a fancy waiter brigade. The choice can be quite overwhelming, so we recommend to start by choosing a venue with a story you like - for each room has a vast story to tell (which will come in handy as a conversation opener). 


Once that’s settled, we’ll introduce you to the best party planners, balloon animal makers, tent builders, sound system pros, burlesque dancers, artists and such. We’ve got the connections.




Quick facts:

Cocktail guests 800 in the palace garden
  350 in the palace
Seated guests 250 in a tent
  150 in Kreuger ballroom
  80 in the palace dining room
Sleep over guests 160 in very filled rooms
  137 in normally filled rooms
Distance from Stockholm 20 min in a sports car
  25 min with buss
  12 min with helicopter
  3 hours with steamboat
  15 min with seaplane