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Western Wing

The Western Wing has recently undergone a major renovation, resulting in five shiny and extravagant new rooms. The interiors are inspired by the people who used to lived here during the time they worked for the Wenner-Gren couple.

It'll be tough to leave behind the luxurious wall paper, warm textiles, photo art and bath tubs in the middle of the rooms. But that's ok, you get to come back anytime.

Michael Nobel

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Jetsetter Michael Nobel is honored with a cool retreat on the top floor. The deluxe room is all turquoise and orange - very 50's.
Brita von Heidenstam Frisk never did things by halves. She grew up in a most wealthy community, consorted with the jet set, travelled the world and managed to get married four times. At the time she first met her true love Hjalmar J. Procopé, who later introduced her to Axel & Marguerite Wenner-Gren, Brita was engaged to Sven G. Oleinikoff. Sven, a member of the honorable Nobel clan, caught Brita’s eye as the sole banjo player in the orchestra at The Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm. Their marriage was more of a social affair, based on common interest rather than love. The birth of their two children, Michael and Tiny, failed to add any sparks to their relationship, nor did their family sailing trips to Nice, hunting trips in the Swedish countryside and winter holidays in the Alps.

After the war in 1948 Brita and Sven finally signed their divorce papers and Brita married Procopé the next year. Michael and Tiny lived with their father and his new family on Djurgården in Stockholm and spent time with Brita whenever she was in the country. For her life with the Finnish diplomat Procopé was anything but calm. Michael, who was a very curious and well behaved little boy, was occasionally allowed to accompany his mother on business trips to New York, Copenhagen, Spain – wherever Hjalmar had to be. When Brita started working as Axel Wenner-Gren’s secretary after her husband’s death in 1954, she settled down at Häringe. And she made sure that the wing she resided in had a bedroom for each of her children, who came to enjoy the exhilarating life at the palace as much as she did.

The children who grew up at Häringe spent very little time in the palace. It was always tempting to see the chef prepare handmade ice cream in the courtyard before the dinners, but most of the parties were for adults only. Once in a while the children were invited, but they were only allowed to attend for dessert. To entertain the youngest guests on these occasions, Marguerite would have some of her domesticated deer prance around inside the palace.

Although Häringe was a large estate far out in the countryside, it was a very international environment where movie stars and industrial magnates frequently came and went. The children at Häringe learned German from the farming students, Finnish from the Finnish children who had escaped WWII, and they tried to the best of their ability to understand when the lady of the palace was gabbling in American.


Room type Deluxe
Room size 20 sqm
Hästens® bed 180 cm
Extra bed Yes
Shower Yes
Bathtub Yes
Desk Yes
Pets Yes
Bathrobe Yes
Toiletries Malin + Goetz
WiFi Of course
TV 32"
Ipod dock Yes
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Photo Art
Emmanuel Georges Maserati