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Western Wing

The Western Wing has recently undergone a major renovation, resulting in five shiny and extravagant new rooms. The interiors are inspired by the people who used to lived here during the time they worked for the Wenner-Gren couple.

It'll be tough to leave behind the luxurious wall paper, warm textiles, photo art and bath tubs in the middle of the rooms. But that's ok, you get to come back anytime.

John Karlsson

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The Wenner-Gren's maitre d´, John Karlsson, was all about having fun. His single room is a fun little space in plaid, with a freestanding tub right next to the bed!


To this day, people marvel at how the Wenner-Grens managed to keep their staff so incredibly disciplined that their routines continued flawlessly even when the couple left the palace. However, there actually seems to have been plenty going on behind the scenes.
John Karlsson was the maître d’ at Häringe for 40 years, and he lived here until 1974. John began each morning by going over the evening’s guest list with Marguerite, who at the same time enjoyed her breakfast in bed. John spoke of his close relationship with Marguerite on numerous occasions, but she denied anything intimate and declared that they had never been friends. The truth about their relationship is hard to guess – Marguerite was complicated and John, a loyal but a slightly cunning individual. A local grocery shop owner has revealed that he delivered huge amounts of groceries even when Axel and Marguerite were abroad, and it was John who was having the parties. (Apparently, when the cat’s away, the mice of the palace will play indeed.)

John Karlsson lived in the section of Häringe that is known as the Eastern Wing. One morning, while sitting by his kitchen window, John saw six unannounced moving trucks pull up by the palace and movers start emptying the palace. Axel Wenner-Gren had recently passed away and it was the trustee, Birger Strid, selling off the estate. When the new owners, the Hartwigs, took over, the Wenner-Gren staff was ordered to move out. John, who was an elderly man at this point, was given a one-month grace period. During that time he divulged entertaining stories and spicy revelations to the handymen, like how once in a while, he had to order call girls from Stockholm to come and entertain the palace’s male guests. Additionally, John exposed all of Häringe’s secret compartments and he even opened up the safe for the bewildered carpenters. The safe has since been closed and no one alive today knows the combination.

John also told about how he cared for Finnish children who had fled during WWII, keeping them safe at the palace while the Wenner-Grens were in Mexico. To make ends meet during these hard times, John said he and other Häringe staff grew potatoes around the palace pool.

Room type Single
Room size 10 sqm
Hästens® bed 105 cm
Shower Yes
Bathtub Yes
Desk Yes
Pets Yes
Bathrobe Yes
Toiletries Malin + Goetz
WiFi Of course
TV 32"
View Palace entré
Ipod dock Yes
Photo Art
Xavier Martin Serge