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Western Wing

The Western Wing has recently undergone a major renovation, resulting in five shiny and extravagant new rooms. The interiors are inspired by the people who used to lived here during the time they worked for the Wenner-Gren couple.

It'll be tough to leave behind the luxurious wall paper, warm textiles, photo art and bath tubs in the middle of the rooms. But that's ok, you get to come back anytime.

Family Beronius

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Family Beronius took great pride in tending to the palace grounds, and they'd surely appreciate their dedicated suite's balcony overlooking the vast apple orchard.
In 1937, the agronomist Curt Beronius was handpicked from the School of Agriculture in Berga, where he was working as a teacher, to take employment as administrator at Häringe. Curt stayed in the position, working as the Wenner-Grens’ closest man at the palace until he retired in 1965. At that time, the Häringe farmhouse was functioning as a research project and the farm collaborated with agricultural and veterinarian schools in Sweden. To manage the manor – complete with breeding stock, milking cows, crops, garden shop, and a vast forest – was an extensive task undertaken by a labour force consisting of farm foremen, bookkeepers, farm managers, stable and barn foremen, fishermen, gardeners, peasants, and agricultural students.

Curt received plenty of support from Britta – his robust and frank wife – who, after Marguerite, was the second lady of Häringe. The couple lived in this wing with their three children. Britta, who had attended art school and was an educated cartographer, was one of few on the farm who dared stand up to Mr Wenner-Gren and his sometimes-unworkable demands. Britta, who preferred to dress in jeans and wore little make up, was so elegant in her simplicity that the luxurious Marguerite – her total opposite – once uttered: “Britta, I know you’re a lady.”

Life at Häringe was divided into two phases: when the palace’s head couple was present, between midsummer and October 15th, the staff would be careful not to disturb them; but when the palace was unoccupied, everything was mothballed and Häringe became just a regular large farm in the countryside. During these periods, the farm children had plenty of freedom, just as long as they stayed away from the three mean dogs guarding the palace until the Wenner-Grens returned.

On the early summer day that marked the Wenner-Grens’ arrival, they were welcomed by the managerial couple carrying freshly picked flowers. A potent scent of powder and perfume always appeared as the doors to the Rolls Royce swung open. Marguerite – who was not otherwise known for her kind nature – brought with her small gifts from Mexico, sometimes from the Wenner-Grens’ very own silver mine. Some of the jewellery is still in the possession of the Beronius family today

Room type Suite
Room size 27 sqm
Hästens® bed 180 cm
Extra bed Yes
Shower Yes
Bathtub Yes
Desk Yes
Pets Yes
Bathrobe Yes
Toiletries Malin + Goetz
WiFi Of course
TV 32"
Ipod dock Yes
View Apple orchard
Balcony Yes
Photo Art
Cally Whitman Pilgrim Goose
Cally Whitman New Hampshire
Cally Whitman Dorking Rooster