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Western Wing

The Western Wing has recently undergone a major renovation, resulting in five shiny and extravagant new rooms. The interiors are inspired by the people who used to lived here during the time they worked for the Wenner-Gren couple.

It'll be tough to leave behind the luxurious wall paper, warm textiles, photo art and bath tubs in the middle of the rooms. But that's ok, you get to come back anytime.

Birger Strid

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Birger Strid may not have been the most trustworthy person to take on the job of Axel Wenner-Gren's estate trustee, but his persona was quite an inspiration for this deluxe room. The greige interiors reflect his ambiguity and the structured wallpaper his rugged methods.
Wherever he went, Axel Wenner-Gren attracted swindlers and charlatans: in Mexico, he was close friends with the president’s brother, who was notorious for accepting bribes; during his blacklisting, Axel allied himself with riffraff that only made things worse; and for trustee of his estate (a position needing utmost integrity), Axel had Birger Strid.


Rumour has it that Axel became more and more confused with age, which gave Mr Strid and the board opportunity to move enormous sums of money as they pleased. Fulcrum, the formerly bright and powerful empire, was shaken to the core. As gossip spread without anyone to defend the truth, everything worth selling at Häringe was given a price tag. Even the golden faucets in Marguerite’s bathroom were put up for sale.


During the summer of 1975, Birger Strid was sentenced with two years in prison and 21 million Swedish kronor in damages. He declared his innocence and claimed to have done everything in his power to save the estate. In court, it was proved that Birger did act wrongfully, however, it should be mentioned that several people later said Birger had been caught in an impossible economic situation.


After he finished his prison sentence, Birger Strid once again showed up at Häringe Palace. He came to return a bronze bust of Mr.Wenner-Gren belonging to his former employer.

Room type Deluxe
Room size 19 sqm
Hästens® bed 180 cm
Extra bed Yes
Shower Yes
Bathtub Yes
Desk Yes
Pets Yes
Bathrobe Yes
Toiletries Malin + Goetz
TV 32"
WiFi Of course
View Apple orchard
iPod dock Yes
Photo Art
Franck Bohbot Théâtre du Châtelet
0 Bibliotek Sainte Geneviève