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The Palace

The old, old palace is really the heart of the property. This is where you hang out all day, where you eat in one of the five dining rooms and where you sip tea in the one of the six parlors. This where jazz blasts through the loudspeakers and where some of our greatest art is hanging. It's the place to be.


Below you will find a detailed list and images of all the dining rooms and parlors at the palace.



The palace was built in 1657, and has had many eccentric owners since. Each owner influenced the property to meet their fancy, usually by investing large sums in outlandish and avant-garde projects. Like for example building Sweden's very first olympic sized outdoor pool, constructing a water slide from the upper floor into the pool, or digging an underground tunnel between buildings to avoid the perils of a rainy day. On the upper floor of the palace, you'll discover a gothic room made out of wooden panels that were smuggled to Sweden from Mary, The Queen of Scots' castle in Scotland. There's also a dungeon where the delinquent were punished in the basement, a golden bathroom upstairs, an ancient and superbly functioning mechanical bowling alley, and a state of the art kitchen that prepares the most delightful Slow Food.

Marieberg Room

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Also know as the billiard room, since the billiard table is the center piece and takes up a fair amount of space.
This room is named after the 16th century tile oven from Marieberg. The motive on the oven is called Nordstiernan, Northern Star. Tile ovens from Marieberg were different from other ordinary tile ovens from the 1600th century as they were painted in bright colors on white tiles and had a very shiny glaze. Count Liljencrantz who built Sturehof palace owned the Marieberg porcelain factory and he order the tile ovens for his new home. 20 of the 30 original ovens that are preserved are still at Sturehof and one is in this room.


Tile oven Yes
Billiard table Yes
View Pool
Size 32 sqm
Floor Hardwood
Photo Art
Albert Watson Eva Röse
Jacob Felländer Eva Dansar