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Sea Wing

Gustav Horn had the Lake Wing built in 1650 for his family, and it is the oldest standing building on the palace grounds. Later on, Torsten Kreuger connected the wing with the palace via an underground tunnel, for the ladies' convenience. And for sneaking around.


Torsten Kreuger often received female guests and, being the ever-so sweet and considerate host that he was, he didn’t want the ladies to get their hair wet on drizzly days. Therefore, he built this underground path, which directly connects Sjöflygeln with the palace. Then again, there are some who might suggest Mr Kreuger secretly used the path himself to pay sneaky visits to his lady friends.


The duke and field marshal Gustav Horn, who took over Häringe at a time when the palace was in a terrible state, erected Sjöflygeln for his family to stay in when they visited Sweden. A visiting archaeologist suggested that an underground path could have already been in place when Gustav was in charge since secret paths were more or less a common custom back then. But no proof has been found to support this hypothesis. Nor has proof been found to confirm a sealed ballroom, rumoured to be located underneath the main stairs. Test drills were made to uncover the truth, but they were cancelled due to the risk of damaging supporting walls. Secret ballroom or not, one thing remains certain: the mystique around Häringe lives on.

Josephine Baker

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But of course a jazz singer and exotic dancer like Josephine Baker should get her own suite. Including an outdoor seating area, tile stove and a big bathroom with a jacuzzi.
When the jazz singer and exotic dancer Josephine Baker spent the night at Häringe, she ordered three egg whites up to her room, which she used as pomade for the sleek hairstyle that was in vogue at the time. Ms Baker, who had other eccentric oddities (she used to walk her leopard on Champs-Élysées), became famous for a dance routine that she performed wearing a skirt made from a string of bananas. The black, former vaudeville artist captivated audiences. After a show in Stockholm, one critic from Dagens Nyheter wrote that Josephine had “the world’s most expressive bottom.” Baker was also deeply involved in the American Civil Rights Movement, although she later lived in France until her death in 1975.


Josephine had many nicknames, one being “The Black Pearl”. Perhaps this was the reason why Marguerite – who loved her jewellery so much she once referred to the collection as “my little babies” in a magazine interview – was so fond of the innovative artist. Josephine Baker is one of Marguerite’s friends who can be found depicted on the wall border in the dressing room. Although rumour has it that Josephine might have actually visited the palace before she was invited by the Wenner-Grens (some believe she had a steamy romance with Ivar Kreuger).

Room type Suite
Room size 41 sqm
Bed 210 cm
Extra bed Yes
Shower Yes
Jacuzzi Yes
Bathrobe & slippers Yes
Toiletries Malin + Goetz
Desk Yes
WiFi Free
TV 42"
Decorative tile stove Yes
Pets Yes
Patio Yes
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Photo Art
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