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Sea Wing

Gustav Horn had the Lake Wing built in 1650 for his family, and it is the oldest standing building on the palace grounds. Later on, Torsten Kreuger connected the wing with the palace via an underground tunnel, for the ladies' convenience. And for sneaking around.


Torsten Kreuger often received female guests and, being the ever-so sweet and considerate host that he was, he didn’t want the ladies to get their hair wet on drizzly days. Therefore, he built this underground path, which directly connects Sjöflygeln with the palace. Then again, there are some who might suggest Mr Kreuger secretly used the path himself to pay sneaky visits to his lady friends.


The duke and field marshal Gustav Horn, who took over Häringe at a time when the palace was in a terrible state, erected Sjöflygeln for his family to stay in when they visited Sweden. A visiting archaeologist suggested that an underground path could have already been in place when Gustav was in charge since secret paths were more or less a common custom back then. But no proof has been found to support this hypothesis. Nor has proof been found to confirm a sealed ballroom, rumoured to be located underneath the main stairs. Test drills were made to uncover the truth, but they were cancelled due to the risk of damaging supporting walls. Secret ballroom or not, one thing remains certain: the mystique around Häringe lives on.

Greta Garbo

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Greta Garbo was obsessed with all things round. So her dear friends, the Wenner-Gren couple, had a round room constructed just for her summer visit. We left the room exactly as it was when Greta stayed over in the 30's. Simply legendary.
Greta Garbo’s first acting job was in a commercial for the Swedish department store PUB, where she also worked as a shop assistant. How her professional career evolved after that is widely known: in 1954, Ms Garbo moved to the USA, where her career promptly took off and she emerged as the icon we know her as today. Amongst other achievements, the American Film Institute lists her as the fifth best actress of all time.


In 1931, Greta starred as a seductive and scantily clad spy in the movie Mata Hari, leaving the moralists horrified. Making matters more interesting, the real-life Ms Garbo was accused of being an actual informer who sold information about Axel Wenner-Gren, an alleged Nazi sympathizer, to the British Secret Intelligence Service MI6. Considering how much time Greta spent with the Wenner-Grens during the late 1930s and early 40s, she would have had plenty of opportunities to conduct a thorough investigation (but this is all just speculation and no results ever turned up to prove Greta spied). According to Axel’s personal dairies, the two often spoke in confidence, both on land and at sea.


The luxury yacht, Southern Cross, previously owned by the famous film producer Howard Hughes, was spacious enough for both the Wenner-Grens and many guests. In 1938, travelling home from the Bahamas, the Wenner-Grens stopped in Los Angeles to fetch Greta Garbo and her boyfriend at the time. The captain set course for the West Coast of Sweden, with a small tour around Alaska along the way. During the voyage, Greta’s boyfriend proposed, but when Axel asked if she was going to marry, Greta snapped: “Like hell I will!”


Greta stayed at Häringe – in a room made just for her – throughout thatentire summer. Via telegram from the yacht, Axel had ordered the roombe specially built. It has no right angles because Greta Garbo – a prima donna, indeed – did not like corners, and the silk that adorns much of the room’s interior was most likely hand woven in Venice and coloured with lead to create the unique starlit lustre. The Hollywood star also requested that fresh Japanese Camellias be placed in her washing water each morning, leaving the gardener with the tedious task of picking flowers from the garden at dusk throughout the duration of Ms Garbo’s visit.

Room type One of a kind...
Room size 19 sqm
Bed 90 cm
Extra bed No
Bathroom Right downstairs
Desk Yes
Lavoir Yes
Pets Yes
View Pool
TV 32''
WiFi Of course