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Kid friendly, glamorous & fun

Kids are always welcome at c/o Häringe Palace!


A palace must be treat for a child to explore - nowhere else can you pretend to be a knight in shining armor, a princess, a king or a mighty viking as well as here. But there's a lot else to do too, for the palace grounds are vast and exciting.


In the summer, the orangerie transforms into the 'Kids Club', filled with hula hoops, activity kits and painting material. Rubber ducks and floats are added to the pool and crocket is played on the lawn. When it gets colder, there are plenty of games to be played in front of the fireplaces. With homemade hot chocolate and cookies.


During summer, fall and Easter break, we arrange special 'Palace Kids' offers, with a jam-packed schedule full of exciting activities for kids (and their parents). This is when palace life is at its most vivid, with kids going on ghost hunts, baking their own pastries, zipping about on golf carts and learning about plants and picking wild strawberries.


Dinners are super fun during 'Palace Kids' weeks, when a sophisticated family style dinner is served to please each family member. Classic kid favorites are jazzed up to suit adult tastes and are served all at once, so the little ones can return to their adventures quickly. Only after dessert though!

Naturally, our à la carte menu is available to order from as well, although it is not included in the package price.


Adults get to work in the conference rooms in Ljungberg's House during these special weeks, while the kids are off doing yoga, riding ponies or planting herbs. 

Kid's yoga

A childfriendly version, of course.

Princess Picnic

Be a princess for a day!

Ghost party

Celebrate your birthday at a real palace and search for ghosts.