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Gentlemen's Wing

Torsten Kreuger erected this building above the palace’s old cellar and laundry room. It was used to house male guests during holidays and after late-night parties. The gentlemen often used the rooms to rest after hunting trips and outlandish cocktail hours, where staff served drinks from silver trays wearing nothing but fancy facemasks.


Interior Designer Pontus Djanaieff recreated each of the two suites, junior suite and four deluxe rooms to resemble the quarters of the eccentric personalities who used to visit. The perks: clawfoot bathtubs in each room, poolside location, and Sweden's very first mechanical bowling alley under the same roof.

The Bowling Alley

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At Häringe Palace you will find Sweden's oldest bowling alley from the 1930's.
Everything is still in it's original shape and the bowling balls only have two holes, just like in the old days. 


And don't feel bad if you do not beat your personal record. The Swedish bowling association was here a few years back and even the Swedish bowling Champiions had a hard time getting a strike. On these somewhat uneven, but oh so charming, lanes you need a totally different technique. 

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