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Gentlemen's Wing

Torsten Kreuger erected this building above the palace’s old cellar and laundry room. It was used to house male guests during holidays and after late-night parties. The gentlemen often used the rooms to rest after hunting trips and outlandish cocktail hours, where staff served drinks from silver trays wearing nothing but fancy facemasks.


Interior Designer Pontus Djanaieff recreated each of the two suites, junior suite and four deluxe rooms to resemble the quarters of the eccentric personalities who used to visit. The perks: clawfoot bathtubs in each room, poolside location, and Sweden's very first mechanical bowling alley under the same roof.

Ivar Kreuger

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'Matchstick King' Ivar Kreuger adored the lavish and would have settled for nothing less than a fabulous suite in the Gentleman's Wing. With lots of red velvet.
Ivar Kreuger has always remained somewhat of a mystery. Was he murdered? Or was it, after all, suicide that led to his death and the beginning of the infamous Kreuger Crash, which turned his incredible empire into mere pieces worth absolutely nothing? Ivar was known as the “Matchstick King” (he built his wealth by producing matches) and he had an eye for good deals. He was very smart – so smart in fact that he skipped two years of school and graduated when he was only 16 years old. Thereafter, he received a Master of Engineering degree before travelling abroad. Seven years later, Ivar accomplished his first business success with the company Kreuger & Toll, which specialized in the American construction technology that utilizes pre-stressed concrete.


Ivar had a very discreet way of presenting himself and he was not particularly interested in social events. Still, he is rumoured to have been something of a lady’s man. The singer and femme fatale Josephine Baker was one of the women Ivar is supposed to have had an affair with. Ivar flew his lady friends around the world for intimate meetings in his various luxury apartments, but he never married. Early on, the airplanes were also used for his personal business travels. Today, it’s hard to fully understand how influential Ivar Kreuger actually was in the international arena. But we can try… He is responsible for the first international demand for stocks and he gave enormous loans to the likes of France and Germany, in exchange for a monopoly on the production of matches in these countries. In fact, some even attribute Ivar’s loans with preventing several new world wars from breaking out. When his organization was at its peak, it produced 75% of the world’s matches.


When asked about the key to his amazing success, the low-voiced Mr Kreuger answered simply: “Silence, silence, silence.” To this day there are many unanswered questions concerning Ivar’s business methods, especially his bookkeeping. In fact, Ivar Kreuger was once listed in The Guinness Book of World Records as the biggest embezzler of all time. Upon his death, the so-called “Kreuger Crash” erupted, leaving many who had relied on him completely broke…

Room type Suite
Size 42 sqm
Hästens® bed 180 cm
Extra bed Yes
Shower Yes
Bathtub Yes
Bathrobe Yes
Toiletries Malin + Goetz
Desk Yes
Pets No
View Sea & pool
WiFi Of course
TV 32"
Ipod dock Yes