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Gentlemen's Wing

Torsten Kreuger erected this building above the palace’s old cellar and laundry room. It was used to house male guests during holidays and after late-night parties. The gentlemen often used the rooms to rest after hunting trips and outlandish cocktail hours, where staff served drinks from silver trays wearing nothing but fancy facemasks.


Interior Designer Pontus Djanaieff recreated each of the two suites, junior suite and four deluxe rooms to resemble the quarters of the eccentric personalities who used to visit. The perks: clawfoot bathtubs in each room, poolside location, and Sweden's very first mechanical bowling alley under the same roof.

Danny Kaye

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Comedian Danny Kaye's room is as colorful as the many parts he played. It overlooks the herb garden.
The Wenner-Grens had friends all over the world. Long before international travel became commonplace, the couple frequently travelled back and forth across the Atlantic, and often invited  foreign guests to visit them, either in the Bahamas or at their various homes in Sweden. Many of their guests were world-famous artists, whom they met through Axel’s work or via Gene, Marguerite’s movie star sister.


Danny Kaye, hailing from Brooklyn, NY, could hardly imagine that he would one day be invited to a 17th century palace in Sweden. As the son to Ukrainian immigrants, Danny dropped out of school early to take a strenuous job as a hotel performer. The salary was lousy and the days were long, but he never gave up. A few years later, in 1939, Danny made his Broadway debut in The Straw Hat Revue. Two years after that, in the midst of a raging World War II, Danny became a star in the play Lady in the Dark, thanks to his ability to recite the names of 54 Russian composers at an incredible speed. He did it in only 38 seconds.


During the war, Danny Kaye travelled to Japan and performed for the American troops. He was a tremendous actor, singer, and dancer – so musically talented, in fact, that on numerous occasions Danny was a popular guest conductor for the New York Philharmonic. Danny can be seen in old pictures, clowning about with Marguerite Wenner-Gren. It was with his talent for making unique facial expressions that Danny also won the hearts of his audience. He was awarded numerous prizes for his films and signature television program, The Danny Kaye Show. In 1952, Danny hosted the Academy Awards and in 1954, he received an honorary Oscar himself. Additionally, Mr Kaye was also the first person ever to be appointed Goodwill Ambassador at UNICEF, an assignment that he accepted with utmost dedication.


Every time Danny Kaye visited Häringe, he insisted on staying in this very room. Unfortunately, Danny’s visits grew limited after Axel Wenner-Gren was blacklisted for allegedly sympathizing with the Nazis.


Room type Deluxe
Room size 18 sqm
Hästens® bed 180 cm
Extra bed No
Shower Yes
Bathtub Yes
Bathrobe Yes
Toiletries Malin + Goetz
Desk Yes
Pets No
View Herb garden
WiFi Of course
TV 32"
Ipod dock Yes