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Dog friendly hotel

We love dogs and always bring our four-legged friens on our travels. They are an important part of the family which is why we allow well behaved dogs in most parts of our palace. They are welcome to join you in the dining rooms, the parlors, the hotel rooms ant the meeting rooms. 

Dogs love our palace! It is the perfect outing for a dog. The nature reserve is great for long walks!


Dogs have always been welcome here, Marguerite Wenner-Gren loved dogs and she had many, many dogs. 38 of her dogs are burried here under a large silver pine. There are similar dog cemeteries at all of her other properties around the world. Some dogs always traveled with her, others stayed put on the properties. One time her 16 Chiuahuas ran loose across the tarmac at Miami airport which must have been quite a sight. 


“Dogs never bite me. Just humans.”

- Marilyn Monroe