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Welcome to our lifestyle hotel

Häringe Palace is a lifestyle hotel with a long, glamorous, decadent and eccentric history. Movie stars, primadonnas, industrial magnates and other whimsical characters have been magically attracted to the palace. They partied, ate well, gossiped, and took the greatest pleasure in frivolous escapades. We're all for continuing the legacy.

The hotel rooms at Häringe Palace are placed in the various wings around the palace.  

  • In the Sea Wing there are two suites, two double rooms and the very original oval single room that was built her in 1930 especially for Greta Garbo. The wing is connected to the palace by an underground tunnel.
  • The suites and double deluxe rooms in the Gentlemen's Wing are designed by Pontus Djanaieff in a masculine 1940's style. The wing is right next to the palace and overlooks the palace garden and pool.
  • The Western Wing is found in front of the palace next to the duck pond. In this wing you will find one suite, three double deluxe rooms and one single deluxe room. 
  • The Eastern Wing is also found in front of the palace. There are four double rooms and one single room in this wing.
  • The newly renovated Vasa Wing is next to the pond, above the apple orchard. There are 23 double rooms in this wing, all decorated in our own style that we call Scandinavian Cozy.
  • In the Wenner-Gren Pavilion there are 24 double rooms with large bathrooms. The pavillion is next to The Vasa wing and opposite our conference center in Ljungbergs hus.