Conference Room Tage

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Tage Ljungberg – grandfather to Häringe’s present owner, Jenny – laid the groundwork for a family empire. Looking back some 60 years later, it almost seems like a whimsical twist of fate that Torsten Kreuger, Häringe’s owner at that time, played a part in the family’s success story.


As luck had it, Tage Ljungberg received a generous bonus after he renovated Stockholms Tidningen, a property then owned by Mr Kreuger. The bonus allowed Tage to resign from his job and start his own company. Tage’s first independent project was to build a house on Älgstigen 1, in the posh area known as Djursholm outside Stockholm. To his disappointment, the house became too expensive and he sold it to the family dentist. Next, Tage started work on a new house on Älgstigen 2. When the spectacular project was completed, the family received an offer that they couldn’t turn down from the wealthy businessman Georg Bengtsson. Eventually Tage finished a third house, on Villavägen 21, which he and the Ljungberg family moved into themselves. Subsequently, something of a Ljunbergian building boom began and the family business has been going strong since.


Tage, who lost his mother at the age of seven and started working when he was 15, met great  success building everything from private homes, terrace houses, and suburban apartments to large reconstruction projects such as the Stockholm International Fairs and Grand Hôtel. He earned a reputation of being expensive, but also very good and thorough. Humbly, Tage himself often attributed his success to plentiful job opportunities at the time when he was making a name. However, an observer can easily see, his success comes from a talented strategy and not mere luck. Tage’s children, Åke and Birgitta, took over the notable company in 1983.


In 2006, the real estate company LjungbergGruppen merged with the real estate management company Atrium Fastigheter, establishing Atrium Ljungberg.

Size 39 sqm
Lengt/width 9 x 4.4 m
Ceiling 2.9 m
Floor Hardwood
View Stable & Paddock
Cocktail Party 40
Cinema Seating 30
School Seating 20
U-table 18
Islands 18
Board Seating 16
Yoga mats 14
Photo Art Hiroshi Sugimoto
Technical Information
WiFi Fiber
Projector Yes
Screen Yes
Whiteboard Yes
Flip Chart Yes
Microphone Yes
Conference Phone Yes
Black out curtains Yes
Pads & Pens Yes
Printer/Scanner At reception