Group Room New York

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Åke Ljungberg decided to try his fortune in the US. The year was 1987 and he had purchased land in Westchester, north of New York City, where he planned to build genuine, Swedish-style wooden houses. The Ljungberg family packed everything and prepared for the move across the Atlantic – they rented out their house, the children quit school, and all of their furniture was shipped off. Everything was taken care of and everyone was ready to go, but then…


Their visa applications were turned down! The family was forced to move into the basement of Åke’s sister’s house for what they thought would be just a few days. They ended up staying for three months. The youngest child, Tom, was only 10 months old, but Johan and Jenny didn’t have a school to go to, and their mother, Marianne, was less than pleased with the entire situation.


When the family finally made it to the US, they borrowed a house called Walhalla while Åke’s first Swedish-style wooden house was being built in Mamaroneck, New York. Aunt Birgitta’s basement started to seem like paradise in comparison to the half-finished house, located 45 minutes outside Manhattan, they now had on their hands. Eventually the family adapted to the American way of life: Marianne became a member of SWEA (Swedish Women’s Educational Association) and Jenny got a puppy for Christmas (she also received the must-have jacket of the year, a Chevignon with a flying duck on the back – her new classmates were impressed). They spent each Friday night in front of the TV where Jenny and her brother Johan could enjoy Oreos and see new episodes of both Dallas and Falcon Crest right after each other! Something that was impossible in Sweden at the time.


Of the ten planned wooden houses only three were finished but Åke already had a thousand new ideas. The family received many guests in their American home and they hosted many barbeque evenings by the pool, which were always appreciated by visitors, no doubt.

Storlek 10 kvm
Length/width 4.4 x 2.3 m
Ceiling 2.6 m
Floor Hardwood
View The food bell
Group room 6 people
Yoga mats 4
Technical Information
WiFi Fiber
Projektor Nej
Screen No
Whiteboard Yes
Flip chart Yes
Conference phone Yes
Black out curtains No
Pads & Pens Yes
Printer/Scanner At reception