Conference room Kungsörnen

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When Axel Wenner-Gren was the ruler of Häringe, he made certain that the palace’s farm was managed in a scrupulous manner. Each morning the breakfast bell rang on time; soon-to-be housewives diligently studied home economics at the property’s girls’ school; and the milk was of such pristine quality that it was donated to the Stockholm Children’s Hospital.


Axel had most certainly learned much about agriculture during his years at the company Separator (later renamed Alfa Laval). And he turned that knowledge into money. You see, up until 1961, Fulcrum controlled two-thirds of the Swedish seed mill industry and Kungsörnen, a producer of flour and pasta, was one of Axel’s successful mill companies. Additionally, Mr Wenner-Gren earned big money on powdered milk and mother’s milk substitutes in Mexico through the Swedish company, Semper.

Size 81 sqm
Length/width 12.5 x 6.5 m
Ceiling 2.9 m
Floor Hardwood
View Apple Orchard
Cocktail Party 70
Cinema seating 56
School seating 36
U-table 20
Islands 36
Board seating 12
Yoga mats 30
Technical Information
WiFi Fiber
Projector Yes
Screen Yes
Whiteboard Yes
Flip chart Yes
Speakers Yes
Microphone Yes
Conference phone Yes
Black out curtain Yes
Pads & Pens Yes
Printer/Scanner At reception