Conference Room Jenny

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Jenny is the favourite room for larger groups even though we have two larger rooms. It must be the light from the ceiling windows and the high ceiling that kkeps the energy levels high troughout meetings, or it might just be that it is so very close to the coffee bar...
The idea of starting her own hotel chain came to Jenny Ljungberg when she was working at the Marriott in Amsterdam, a property owned by her family. Jenny wanted to start a hotel chain that emphasized care for both people and the environment, where food is prepared according to the Slow Food philosophy, and where the design is a lively mix of antiques and witty modernism. As the chain’s name, c/o Hotels, indicates, each hotel should be a place where the guest always feels right at home.


While many dream about the perfect hotel – just look at all the movies and novels covering the subject – only a few have the energy to handle all the hard work. Before striking out alone, Jenny tried almost every hotel job available in order to thoroughly understand the business. She worked many posts, everything from the reception desk to a position as CEO at c/o Tammsvik Herrgård. However, don’t assume that Jenny was treated with silk gloves for being the owner’s daughter – quite the contrary. More often than not, a pair of good old rubber gloves was the necessary everyday accessory.


Today, only a few years later, c/o Hotels has started to take shape as a chain of hotels built on equal parts vision, inherited entrepreneurial spirit, and personal experience.


Jenny, who grew up in Sweden, America, and Belgium, first came to America in the 1980s, when her father, Åke, acted on his impulse to emigrate with the family and make a living selling Swedish-style houses to wealthy Americans. Today Jenny lives in New York and despite having the Atlantic Ocean between her and Häringe Palace, she is committed, concerned, and involved with every detail and important decision. Perhaps Jenny’s bachelor’s degree in psychology is partly to blame for her endless curiosity, which helps her easily connect with both people and animals. By the way, c/o Hotels welcomes the latter at all locations, no matter if it’s at c/o Häringe Palace in Stockholm or c/o The Maidstone in the Hamptons.

Size 99 sqm
Length/width 11 x 9 m
Ceiling 3.7-5.7 m
Flooring Hardwood
View Horse Paddock
Cocktail party 250
Cinema seating 90
School seating 70
U-table 30
Islands 50
Board seating 30
Yoga mats 30
Technical Information
WiFi Fiber
Projector Yes
Screen Yes
Whiteboard Yes
Podium Yes
Speaker Yes
Flip Chart Yes
Microphone Yes
Conference phone Yes
Black out curtains Yes
Pads & Pens Yes
Printer/Scanner At reception