Group Room Alweg

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Axel Wenner-Gren invested willingly and generously in inventions and development industries. It started with the refined vacuum cleaner, closely followed by the refrigerator, and it just continued on after that. Axel managed to acquire and develop phone companies in Mexico; he invested in mineral extraction, hydroelectric power, and infrastructure in the inhospitable areas of British Columbia, Canada; and in Köln he established the company Alweg-Forschung (a made-up name based on his own) to develop the railroad system of the future. Alweg was an above-ground monorail system that, according to Wenner-Gren and his team, would put the subway out of business. Unfortunately, Alweg never became the huge success they hoped for, although one working example of the system can be found at Disneyland.
Size 25 sqm
Length/width 5.3 x 4.7 m
Ceiling 2.9 m
Floor Hardwood
Group room 12 people
Yoga mats 8
Technical Information
WiFi Fiber
Projector No
Screen No
TV 42"
Whiteboard Yes
Flip chart Yes
Conference phone Yes
Black out curtain Yes
Pads & Pens Yes
Printer/Scanner At reception