Group Room Alwac

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It was during the period when Axel Wenner-Gren invested and developed his monorail system that he became interested in computers. Mr Wenner-Gren, who was always looking for the next technical boom, saw the future potential in computers and quickly bought a computer factory in California. He named the company Alwac (yet another variation of Axel Wenner-Gren’s own name). In February 1975, newspapers reported that Alwac was planning to manufacture their smaller “computer brains” in the Swedish town Norrköping. Eventually, the company also opened offices in Canada and the UK.


Alwac developed computers that were so good they managed to beat famous chess masters. Still, the machines were extremely expensive and hard to move off store shelves. The first computer was donated to the US Air Force in 1954. Finland and Sweden later received their very own computers, paid for by Wenner-Gren through his holding company, Fulcrum. When the Swedish bank SEB was obtaining Electrolux stocks, the deal stipulated that SEB would also buy an Alwac machine, but in the end it was never completed, nor delivered.

Size 15 sqm
Length/width 5.3 x 2.8 m
Ceiling 2.9 m
Group room 6 people
Yoga mats 6
Technical Information
WiFi Fiber
Projector No
Screen No
TV 42"
Whiteboard Yes
Flip chart Yes
Conference phone Yes
Black out curtains Yes
Pads & Pens Yes
Printer/Scanner At reception