Conference Room Åre

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In the mid 1980s, Åke Ljungberg bought land in the Swedish skiing village Åre, and he started building a mountain resort with everything, including a nightclub scheduled to have a spectacular grand opening on New Year’s Eve. However, not even a property developer can get construction workers to stay on schedule. The New Year was getting closer, but the venue still wasn’t finished. Åke – being the resourceful and creative man he was – solved the problem by naming the nightclub “Bygget” (The Construction), turning the chaos into an event. It was a great success! The spa section featured an indoor-outdoor pool, which caught a lot of attention and was considered to be the height of luxury at the time. Today Åre Fjällby, as the resort is called, is one of the biggest resorts in the area but the Ljungberg’s have moved on and invested in a café located on one of the mountaintops.
Size 55 sqm
Length/width 8.4 x 6.5 m
Ceiling 2.6 m
Floor Hardwood
View Paddock
Cocktail party 40
Cinema seating 30
School seating 24
U-table 20
Islands 20
Board seating 18
Yoga mats 20
Photo Art Hiroshi Sugimoto
Technical Information
WiFi Fiber
Projector Yes
Screen Yes
Whiteboard Yes
Flip chart Yes
Conference phone Yes
Black out curtain No
Pads & Pens Yes
Printer/Scanner At reception